Wilmar Oleochemicals in China

“Wilmar (China) Oleo Co., Ltd” ,subsidiaries of “Wilmar International”,in the overall responsibility of managing the oleochemicals and biofuels business management, product sales and market development in China.

Beginning in 2004, "Wilmar International" through its "Yihaikerry Group," continue to invest in China to establish a group of oil derivatives manufacturing enterprises, and the establishment of a national distribution and technical support network. Currently, Wilmar Oleochemicals has over 2,500 employees in China, in Shanghai, Tianjin, Lianyungang, Dongguan, Taizhou, Yichun, six cities, operating more than 10 production bases and industrial parks, in Tianjin, Jinan, Shanghai, Nanjing , Dongguan, Shantou, six cities, set up sales and technical support agencies. Our product brand names "Reyland" have reached 1.2 million tons of annual sales volume; including fatty acids, soap noodles, glycerin, dimer acid, polyamide resin, natural Vitamin E, natural vegetable-based phytosterols and others in leading market positions; and paper chemicals (Alkyl Ketene Dimer), high polymers (Epichlorohydrin, Sebacic acid), green surfactants (natural fatty alcohols, fatty amines, fatty acid methyl ester sulfonate) and others in considerable market positions.

Our purpose of this business integration, through intensive internal management, is to optimize, extend and improve our supply chain, from procurement, transportation and production, to enhancing our industrial structure, effectively control cost and improve product quality, so that our customers and business partners are able to benefit from our advantages in cost efficiency and product quality. Simultaneously, we will continue to invest in research and development and technical services, and persistently seek new investment and business growth opportunities in China.

Adhering to our parent company’s firm commitment to the environment and to sustainable development, Wilmar (China) Oleo Co., Ltd will continue to place strong emphasis on “Naturally healthier" development to deliver quality products and services, at the same time fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities and achieving balance between people and nature.

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Tianjin production base | Tianjin office<br>Wilmar Oleo (Tianjin) Co., Ltd Shanghai production base | Shanghai office<br>Wilmar Oleo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd<br>Wilmar Lubricants Material (Shanghai) Co., Ltd <br>Wilmar Emulsifier Material(Shanghai) Co., Ltd Taixing production base<br>Wilmar Yuanda BioTech Taixing co., Ltd<br>Wilmar Nutrition (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd Lianyungang production base<br>Wilmar Oleo (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd<br>Wilmar HighPolymer Material (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd<br>Wilmar Surfactant Material (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd<br>Wilmar Yuanda BioTech (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd Dongguan/Humen production base | Dongguan office<br>Wilmar Oleo (Dongguan) Co., Ltd<br>Wilmar Surfactant Material (Dongguan) Co., Ltd Yichun production base<br>Wilmar Yuanda BioTech (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd Shantou office Nanjing office Jinan office

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