EHS Commitment

Wimar (China) Oleo is a dedicated advocate of EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) Systematic management. We firmly believe that environmental protection, occupational health & safety are the fundamental for survival and guarantee for development of our company; the safety, reliable, efficient and environmental friendly function well is the crux of our enterprise long-period stable development; as well as the undertake of social morality and legal responsibility.

EHS Policy

Environmental Policy

Wilmar Group of Companies recognizes the value, importance and necessity of sustainably managing its operations such that the present needs of society are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and enjoy the same resources we have today.

Wilmar is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its operations worldwide and in implementing this Policy will:

1.Comply with all applicable environmental laws and obligations; and other environmental requirements to which the Group subscribes;

2.Implement and maintain an Environmental Management System across its global operations, conforming to the requirements of ISO 14001, as well as other relevant external certification criteria and the Group’s Standard Operating Procedures and Best Practices;

3.Achieve continuous environmental improvement with objectives and targets so as to minimise our environmental footprint;

4.Minimise or prevent land, air and water pollution through reduced use of chemicals, resource conservation, waste reduction, recycling & reuse and proper waste disposal in every area of activity;

5.Prevent soil erosion and degradation through adoption of best practice in agricultural management;

6.Minimise impacts on biodiversity across all aspects of our operations;

7.Communicate and promote this Environmental Policy with the aim of ensuring that both employees (at all levels and functions of the organisation) and business partners (including suppliers, contractors, joint venture partners and smallholders) are aware of the environmental impacts of Wilmar’s activities as well as their individual obligations;

8.Educate and train employees on environmental and related issues; and encourage their participation and cooperation to minimise adverse impact and protect the environment.

9.Support our joint venture partners and smallholders to adopt and implement these principles;

10.Periodically review this Environmental Policy to ensure it remains relevant and applicable to our business.

Safety and Health Policy

Wilmar Group of Companies is committed to provide a safety working environment for all employees, and to maintain appropriate safeguards to protect employees from injury and against the loss or damage of company and corporate assets.

Wilmar Group of Companies sets up corresponding safety precautions, procedures and rules. Management is responsible to minimize any risks to the health and safety of our employees at our facilities and to train our employees to perform their work safety.

This responsibility is shared by each employee and all of us must follow Wilmar Group of Companies safety rules and procedures. Your cooperation with our safety program is a requirement for your employment and is essential to prevent workplace injuries and occupational illness.

EHS Management

Safety& Health

We adhere to ‘people-oriented and care employee’, care for the safety and well being of all employees, contractors, visitors and the community, provide with adequate training, and establish high standards and performance in workplace safety, health and environment will underpin the creation and maintenance of a healthy and safe environment for everyone. To prevent the occurrence of accident and occupation disease, we provide up-to-standard safety facilities& labor protection equipment, conduct process hazard and operability analysis (HAZOP), safety observation training program (STOP) and continuously improve the process management level to reduce risks.

Safety Standardization

We actively promote safety standardization construction, prevent accident and enhance safety production management and then establish a long-term enterprise mechanism of safety production.

OHSAS18001 Certification

Facilities risks management and control

-Safety inspection and supervision

-Risks mitigate

-Safety training

-Accident prevention and emergency management

Product safety

We ensure facility safety and work environment safety as well as promote logistics safety and contractor& supplier safety.

Health management

Our company adhere to put safety and health of employee in significant position, attach importance to occupation health management, and emphasize the risk identification& analysis& control of occupational disease, stress on improvement of production environment, and take effective measures to ensure employee health.

-Prevention and control of occupational hazard risk We conduct regular workplace hazard test and publish the result;

-Health protection Conduct regular occupational health examination and establish personnel health files.

-Labor protection


We promote efficient operation, cleaner production, qualified discharge, save resource and energy, prevent pollution, reduce waste and protect environment.

ISO14001 Certification

Waste Water

Exhaust Gas

Solid Waste

Soil & Underground Water monitoring

Cleaner Production - Energy saving, pollution reducing and efficiency increasing are our eternal pursuit on safety production and steady development.

EHS Culture

We actively promote EHS culture assessment and improvement, implement all staff training, trainer developing, management commitment, employee participation throughout the company, covering EHS culture establishment, management incentive, unsafety behavior correction of employee & contractors and risks identification and so on. EHS culture of ‘idea-prevention-behavior-responsibility’:

Publicize and implement EHS concept, assist thought development;

Strengthen EHS prevention, risks inspection and emergency management;

Standardized EHS behavior, unity of Theory and Practice on supervision and management;

Decomposition EHS responsibility, improve environment, health & safety culture management and control.

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