Wilmar Oleochemicals Company follows the pace with the times. We are pursuing natural health products, safety and environmental protection production, leading a new trend of green technology while developing the traditional industries. We stick to the concept of "healthy derived from natural" by using natural resources as raw material, deepening the resource utilization, realizing solutions by technological innovation to create new products, new processes, new technology and new applications. And we aim to build the green chemical industrial chain with energy-saving, environmental protection, high quality and efficiency, and to produce healthy products, which are capable of continuously fulfilling the escalating demand of the market and environment.

Wilmar Oleochemicals’s Green innovation projects:

Developing natural resources, building the green industry chain

Wilmar Oleochemicals Company optimizes its industrial structure echoing the idea of sustainable development. We are using natural great green resources to develop environment friendly, health and safe products and processes in order to extend the industrial chain from oil chemistry to downstream industries like fine chemicals and daily chemicals. The green products include green surfactants such as MES, APG and betaines, additives such as VE, medium chain triglycerides, series of polyesters and series of long-chain fatty acid ester, isothiazoline-ketonic water treatment agents, polyamides with low viscosity or temperature resistance.

Deepening the use of resources, achieving sustainable development

Wilmar Group can get a great amount of high-value by-products in the production of edible oil refining such as spent bleaching earth oil, soap stock, deodorizer distillate oil (DD oil) and etc. By using advanced technology to recover those by-products resource, we produce fatty acids, glycerin oil and other basic products to provide cheap and high quality raw materials for downstream fine chemicals. We have independently developed the technology of extracting high-purity natural VE and plant sterols from DD oil. And the by-product, fatty acid methyl ester, is used as a raw material for downstream fine chemicals or biodiesels, achieving the deepened resource utilization.

Pursuing health production, developing new environmental friendly technologies

Wilmar Oleochemicals creates the concept of natural and health. From the process design toward production, we put “green, environmental protection, health, safety” in the first place to increase resource utilization rate, reduce energy conservation and emission, develop circle economy and implement clean production.

Green catalytic technology, establishing a new industry standard

Wilmar Oleochemicals develops in-house green catalysts with a few advantages like good quality and high efficiency, low residual, no waste water and recyclable, producing high quality products, at the same time save energy, reduce consumption and emission, providing guarantee for the development of natural and health green technology industry.

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