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Aliphatic Amine & Tertiary amine derivatives 脂肪胺及衍生物

Fatty alkyl amine, produced from fatty acid, an important chemical intermediate for surfactants. Produced from fatty alcohol/acid, the most important raw material for cationic surfactants. Cocos Amidopropyl Betaines Alkyl betaines Alkyl amidopropyldimethylamine oxides amine oxides

Industry and downstream products:

Industry:Used for producing antistatic agents for plastics、Compound fertilizer anti caking agent 、Equalizing agent、Sylvite flotation agent、 Glyphosate emulsifier etc.

Downstream products:Extensive Used for textile,agriculture,flotation agent to minerals,plastic,lubricant,produce other functional surfactant and corrosion inhibitor etc.


Genamin CC 100 D,Genamin PA-OL D,Genamin PA-TA D,Genamin PA-12 D,Genamin PA-SH D,Genamin PA-SH 2 D,Genamin PA-18 D

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RSPO,ISO 9001,ISO 14001,OHSAS18001.

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