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Dimer Acid & Derivatives二聚酸及衍生物

Monomer Acid:Vegetable oil base fatty acids mainly consist by C16 acid and C18 acid. Dimer Acid:Used to produce reactive polyamide resin, non-reactive polyamide resin, polyamide hotmelt. Also used in formula of lubricant, metal working liquid, synthetic resin, etc. High Purity Dimer Acid:Dimeric polymers of plant fatty acid Trimer Acid:Trimeric polymers of plant fatty acid Polyamide Resin:Light yellow viscous liquid which contains long aliphatic carbon chain and a polar amide group which can make epoxy resin solidified under usual temperature or under heating.

Industry and downstream products:

Industry:Used to produce alkyd resin, iso-stearic acid, etc.

Downstream products:(1).Produce Alkyd Resins, Iso-stearic Acid. (2).Functional agents for lubricants, Metal Working Liquid, etc.




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ISO 9001 ,ISO 14001.

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