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Inorganic chemicals无机化学品

Saturated NaCl solution is electrolyded in electrolyzer,in preparetion for such products : NaOH , Cl2 , H2, and production of synthetic hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite.Chlor-alkali products are widely used in chemical industry, light industry, textile industry, the metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry and public utilities

Industry and downstream products:

Industry:Used in printing and dyeing, soap, textile industry, papermaking, metallurgy, refined petroleum, coal tar product purification, food processing, wood processing, chemical industry, water treatment and other industries.

Downstream products:Used for making SOAP, textiles bleaching and paper to remove lignin and carbohydrate in the raw materials and resins, metallurgy is mainly to remove insoluble impurities, drop in petroleum fractions of petroleum resin、polycarbonate production, zeolite, epoxy resin, sodium phosphate, sodium sulfite and other sodium componds, etc.



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