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Fatty Acid脂肪酸

Stearic Acid、Fractionated Fatty Aci、Distilled Fatty Acid/、Oleic acid、Soya fatty acid、Cotton seed fatty acid、Palmitic Wax。Different carbon fatty acids with different applications, can be used directly, can also be used after a synthesis used in cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, personal care, plastic, rubber, tire, textiles, lubricants, surface active agent, crayon, candles, paper, metal processing industry, biological pesticide, paint, ink and other manufacturing industries.

Industry and downstream products:

Industry:Used in agricultural chemicals, food, adhesive, crayon, candles, cements, coatings, inks, leather waxes, lubricants, metal workings, mining, pencils, capsules and ointments, plastics,Tyre & Rubber, textiles, paper etc.

Downstream products:Used in production of various esters, fatty alcohols, fatty acid isethionates, metallic soaps, fatty acid sarcosinates, imidazolines, fatty amines, oxazolines for paint binder, surfactants in personal care products, liquid and transparent soaps, anticorrosive agent/antirusting agent,Alkyl Ketene Dimer




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HALAL,RSPO,ISO 9001,ISO 14001.

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