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green washing绿涤

The brand deliveres the concept of green washing healthy living and commits to produce detergents with great caring, health and safety. It is a professional healthy household care brand jointly developed by world's top 500 enterprise, which introduced the latest Japanese green washing technology. As one of the world's largest plant-based raw material supplier, we are inspired by the power of plant. We strictly select the plant-based raw materials ,develop concentrated environmental safety formula instead of large number of fillers, animal-based allergens and so on so that we could minimize the harm to the clothing and environment.

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Green washing plant soap provides different varaints catering different consumer needs: Natural total-effect, baby-use, female underwear anti-bac. The natural plant soap base is strictly chosen to make sure its active decontamination ingredients higher than the national standard by 60%. It doesn't contain any harmful ingredients. Natural total-effect laundry soap specially contains green quick-clean ingredient (MES) which prevents soap dirt generation effectively. Baby laundry soap contains nothing harmful, leaves only safty and healthy care. Underwear anti-bac laundry soap carefully chooses natural antibacterial ingredients, with the benifit of sterilization and care.



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