With the opening up and development of oleo chemical industry of Wilmar International, as well as the extension and expansion of the downstream industry chain, Wilmar Group has established the Oleochemicals research and development centers. According to strategic needs, Wilmar Oleochemicals global R & D Center has settled down in China, established in Lianyungang which have significant geographic advantages.

Wilmar Oleochemicals R & D center has introduced excellent professors, doctors and masters from prestigious universities, and has brought together senior scientific researchers in the field of organic synthesis, polymer, catalysis and others. Also it has equipped with internationally advanced analytical instruments and synthesis equipment in order to meet the global-wise market demands for scientific and technological innovation.

Wilmar Oleochemicals R & D center inherits the sustainable development strategy, and leads the green chemical concept. It is committed to explore and develop natural health products, safety and environment protect processes. It is dedicated to improve and evolve the traditional technology. It is devoted to regenerate and utilize the waste and by-products. What excites, it continuously makes breakthroughs in the original green catalyst field, bringing about great changes among related industries. Finally, more natural, cleaner, healthier and more reliable products for human can be created.

Centering around the group industrial structure, pushing forward the development of the downstream industry chain, Wilmar Oleochemicals R & D center has set up seven main research sectors, including Surfactant, Specialty Chemicals, Additives, Polymer Materials, Catalysts, Biochemical Engineering, and High-tech innovative technology. They are in service of washing, paper making, water treatment, pesticide, textile, cosmetics, oilfield, lubricating oil, plastic, coatings, adhesives and other fields. It can not only meet the changing needs of consumers around the world, but also provide thoughtful products and services for consumers. In addition, R & D center possesses the Pilot Workshop, Analysis and Testing Center, Application Laboratories and perfect service and management system such as Project Management etc. At the same time, it develops a combination mode of P (producing) & S(studying) & R(researching) for supporting the rapid development of Group Oleochemicals fully.

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